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There’s no doubt about it, flowers are powerful little things. Tied to memories and special days, they mark many of our most profound moments and in an instant they draw the biggest of smiles, refresh both fond and sad memories but cherished ones.

They’re such a fantastic way to communicate when you don’t know what to say or when you can’t be there. A simple gesture to let someone know they are loved.

Throughout our workshops, we focus on the calming nature of the flowers, we discuss the benefits of the flowers and you will find the calming, healing effect of working with flowers.


There is long standing evidence that being in Nature improves our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing (1). Flowers do much more than just brighten up your home: they can ease anxious feelings, improve air quality and in some cases (and in the right preparation) treat minor illnesses. As soon as we see flowers, in the garden or a curated selection of seasonal blooms in a vase we are uplifted, our wellbeing is enhanced.

Flowers and Greenery have long been included in wellness and medication, many of our commonly prescribed drugs are derived from natural plant compounds and are used to treat many illnesses from the common cold remedies to those requiring more specialist treatment regimens. Many of the uses we have for our flowers and plants have been passed down to us through oral tradition by our ancestors and the indigenous populations of other nations. Through the process of trial and error over centuries and a special knowing you may be surprised to learn of some of the medicinal and common place usage of both the floral and plant extracts. It is on this basis that floral and plant extracts find their way into some food or teas we consume today.

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In addition to the medicinal and nutritional use of flowers, research involving randomised, controlled tests has been produced that shows flowers are efficacious to balance emotional states (2). As our world has changed dramatically over the last few years, we can see that more of us work from Home and spend more time in front of screens so the need for more nature in our lives has never been more apparent.

Some people find it difficult to even take a lunch break away from their desk so the inclusion of flowers and plants in the home or office space can be very beneficial to bring a little bit of Nature inside. The presence of flowers can remind us that everything in our lives is cyclical, just as the winter gives way to spring so do sad feelings give way to happier times.

Flowers are a multi-sensory experience that includes fragrance, colour and textural dimensions as we interact with their them by growing, tending and enjoying the flowers this evokes a positive, emotional environment which is necessary for psychological health, a prerequisite for physical health.


The visual aspect of flowers appeal to our aesthetic senses and stimulates not only the visual cortex but other areas of the brain including the pleasure centres creating a pleasant experience. As children and throughout our lives we gravitate towards flowers, it has been said that the repeated compositional elements of flowers such as colour, shape and pattern within the petal arrangement are helpful in providing the right level of familiarity to calm the brain. By interacting with a flower we have a reference point to the familiar and predictable which we have engaged with many times before and in doing so, access stored positive memories. This ease of recognition and familiarity is calming during stressful times.

Flowers come in every shade of colour and it can be useful to look to healing benefits of flowers through the colours they present in. This knowledge has been derived over many ages originating from ancient times. Different flower colours can have different meanings here are some common colours and their associated benefits:
Red: this is the colour of extremes, commonly known as giving energy due to it being colour of blood and fire, it is also associated with passion, and it stimulates the senses.
Yellow: this beaming colour is long recognised to be related to happiness and joy. It also being a primary colour seems to resonate commonly with our younger counterparts!
Green: this promotes balance and calmness and is the colour of our business. Serenity and Green go hand in hand. It balances mood and uplifts all colours its paired with!
Purple: this is Susan’s favourite colour and has a long History steeped in Royalty since this colour is not commonly found in nature and therefore seen as very rare. It’s a very spiritual colour and commonly evokes creativity.


Modern life can make it difficult for us to take time to enjoy nature, spending time with flowers can lead to positive emotions being maintained for up to three days, this is further enhanced when actively engaging with or tending to flowers in a social context.

We offer regular workshops in our purpose-built floral design studio, this is a chance to slow down and unwind in an immersive creative space whilst learning a new skill, accessible to all levels of learning. Each of the workshops is held by Susan who will guide you through the design principles and mechanics of your creation and offer any floral care tips to ensure the longevity and optimise your enjoyment of your creation.

Disclaimer: Always bear in mind the intended use of a flower and the reason it has been grown and produced. It’s important to only ingest flowers when you know exactly where they have come from, and you know for sure they have been grown free from potentially harmful chemicals. Always ask the supplier/florist if you are unsure!

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