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Flowers and foliage are calming, even meditative, to work with. Our workshops offer a chance to slow down and unwind in an immersive creative space whilst learning a new skill, accessible to all levels of learning. 


We have a number of workshops which we run throughout the year to allow you to connect to nature and enhance your well-being. In each of our workshops we will teach you design principles and techniques, advice on the correct tools to use and floral care, examples include: ’Flowers for Entertaining’, ‘Floral Adornments’, ‘Seasonal Wreaths’ and ‘Hand-tied Bouquet’.

Susan Flowers-11.jpg

Using an array of beautiful seasonal blooms and foliage to celebrate the beauty and possibilities of nature, your beautiful creation will be yours to take home with you!


If you’re looking for a special group event or are seeking a 1 to 1 workshop, we offer tailor made packages, on request, on-site in our studio or off-site at your preferred location within the Dublin area.


Minimum of four participants for the workshop to go ahead.


Please keep an eye on our socials for further details.

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